Welcome to the Barrett-Bell Gas Engineering Blog!

Posted February 21, 2018

Welcome readers, to the Barrett-Bell Blog. In this blog, we shall be discussing and sharing with you any news relating to the gas industry. Our aim is to help our students with their training to achieve their aspirations and reach their full potential preparing them for a career as a gas engineer. Our desire and purpose is to help you on your journey, by providing you with lots of information about life as a gas engineer and most importantly to help you get qualified.

Here’s a brief insight of what you can expect to read about on the Barrett-Bell Blog:

  • We’ll discuss all of our courses and how you can start a new career as a gas engineer in 2018
  • Women who are joining the gas industry
  • Where training as a gas engineer can take you
  • We’ll answer any questions you may have about training as an engineer
  • Information on smart metering
  • We’ll let you know about any news that’s happening in the gas world and lots, lots more

How you can get involved

We welcome your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for future posts, but can we please ask that we keep our comments relevant to the conversation taking place here, in order to maintain respect for all those involved. We’re all here to learn and hopefully have some fun along the way too.

We plan to keep posts interesting and varied. It is our mission to provide a reliable and professional service to help our students gain valuable knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications that they need to start their career within the gas industry.

Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting and contributing to this forum. We hope you find these posts helpful and relevant. We hope you’ll visit our site regularly and learn as much as possible about careers in the gas industry.

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