CCN1 Gas Core Safety & Appliances Refresher Training & Re-assessment


Duration: 1 day refresher training and 2-3 days re-assessment


From £600

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To remain on the Gas Safe Register, you will need to renew your CCN1 Gas Core Safety and appliance competence qualifications every five years.

This course will refresh your knowledge while keeping you legal and accredited. The course is available in 2 options:

  • CCN1 Gas Core Safety
  • CCN1 Gas Core Safety + 4 Appliances (Boilers, Water Heaters, Fires & Cookers / CENWAT1, CKR1, HTR1)

Your gas qualifications must be due to expire, or have already expired, within the last 12 months to take this course.

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The teachers adjust to everyone’s needs. Everyone’s different, some learn quickly, some struggle. They really adjust to helping everyone, genders, types, ages.

Gary Nolan
- Smart Meter Installer

What you'll learn

This refresher and re-assessment course is available as two options:

CCN1 Gas Core Safety

Our core course will refresh your knowledge and understanding of the CCN1 Gas Core Safety including CPA1 Flue Gas Analysis.

CCN1 Gas Core Safety + 4 Appliances

You also have the option to add 4 Appliances in addition to the core course. This adds installation and maintenance of boilers, water heaters, gas fires, cookers (CENWAT1, HTR1, CKR1).

Training and assessment will consist of the following topics:

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Gas Safety & Use Regulations
Icon mask
Unsafe Situations
Icon pipe
Pipework up to 35mm
Icon fire
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Gas Controls
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Tightness Testing & Purging
Icon building
Icon building
Open, Balanced and Room Sealed Flues (principles of operation and testing)
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CPA1 Flue Gas Analysis
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CENWAT1 (Boilers and Water Heaters)
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HTR1 (Gas Fires)
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CKR1 (Cookers)

How long is the course?

CCN1 Gas Core Safety

Core refresher training and re-assessment is a three-day course and costs £600

(CCN1 Only)

CCN1 Gas Core Safety + 4 Appliances

Core + 4 Appliances refresher training and re-assessment is a four-day course and costs £800

(CCN1 + Boilers, Water Heaters, Fires, Cooker - CENWAT1, HTR1, CKR1)

Are there any entry requirements?

Do I need any materials or equipment to take the course?

Yes. You will need:

  1. An up to date gas safety manual including the appliances you will be assessed on.
  2. Pens, paper and a calculator.

All other tools and equipment required for training and practical workshops are provided by the centre.

You will also be required to dress appropriately.

Are there any entry requirements?

You must hold a CCN1 Gas Core Safety and appliance competence Certificates or the equivalent (NVQ Level 2 or Diploma Level 3 in Gas Installation and Maintenance).

The certificates must not have expired more than 12 months ago.

How much does the course cost?

The fee for our Gas Core Safety (CCN1) course is £600

The fee for our Gas Core Safety + 4 Appliances Package (CCN1, CENWAT1, HTR1, CKR1) is £800

Offer pricing subject to availability, limited places available so apply today to secure your place.

Course Details

How is the course taught?

You will learn at one of our centres with hands-on, practical training. We have two Hertfordshire training centres to choose from, one in Stevenage and one in Watford.

How is the course assessed?

You will be assessed with a multiple-choice test and practical assessments.

When and where does the course run?

Courses run throughout the year at either our Watford or Stevenage centres. Contact us to find out when the next one starts or to get on the waiting list.

What will I achieve with this course?

If you complete the course successfully you will receive a certificate of competence in CCN1 Gas Core Safety as well as Boilers and Water Heaters, Gas Fires, and Cookers.

This will allow you to carry out work on the specific appliances you have been assessed for.

You will also be certificated for CPA1 combustion performance analysis which is mandatory to carry out any work on boilers or gas fires.

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